About Us

TASC, INC. formerly known as The Anointed Sister’s Calling, Inc. is an international domestic non-profit organization that primarily focuses on healing the lives of veterans, women, children, and men who are transitioning from economic distress and hardships.

The founder of this organization was led by God to help veterans, mothers, widows, abused, traumatized, victims, soldiers, single parents, homeless, grandparents, divorced, single parent women with fatherless children, pregnant teens, women transitioning from the welfare program, and those of other economic distress and hardships.

TASC, Inc. is developed to teach and prepare women for the calling or gift that God has designed for them in particular. One may be a motivational speaker, another may be a construction worker; therefore, we will provide clinical/spiritual counseling, seminars, small group training such as computer, hygiene, resume writing, career clothing, workshops, referrals, food, and housing to accommodate their needs. The workshops and seminars monopolize on empowerment, goal setting, building self-esteem, healing, strength, hope, character, mental strength, deliverance, confidence, and permanent housing.

Send us an email: apostle.tillman@gmail.com

Call: 877-727-3357